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a tit fucked in the ass

Hi all, I wanted to tell you a story about my first sexual experience. I dated a girl in my twenties, she was a year older than me, we loved each other, we often went for a walk, she was pleased with me. Deep down, I, like all normal guys, wanted sex with her because she was slim, tall with nice breasts and a carriage haircut, but apparently she had a firm stance on that (sex only after marriage). We often kissed and cuddled and I touched her firm little ass, but we never got to the point of intimacy. Once in the summer we were standing outside her house, kissing, snuggling up to each other, she was wearing a T-shirt and light pink shorts, which successfully turned me on. I began to slowly slip my hands under her shorts, while feeling in addition to desire and a slight fear, at first she certainly removed her hands, not allowing me to reach the cherished... But more passionate kissing still allowed me to slip my hand right into her vagina. Immediately I felt a decently unshaven pussy, I tried to penetrate it with my finger (by the way, she was a virgin).

When we stopped kissing we started discussing it, asking each other questions, she admitted that she hadn't expected much from me and then I said that I wanted to try something else... She was surprised and hinted that there would be no sex, I said I wasn't talking about sex... and then she said, "Well, try it." I was seized by a wild desire!!! I went down on my knees, pulled down her sexy shorts, pulled back her panties and started licking her crotch with my tongue, I had never done this before so I had no idea how to do it properly, but I thought I was good at it. I licked her unshaven pussy, she did not stop me, stroking my head with her hand without making a sound, but after a while I heard little moans and sighs, realizing that she liked it I was more active, but soon she lifted me up and asked me to stop. Afterwards we talked about it and she said she liked it and I managed to find a g-spot there.

... After that our meetings often ended with cunnilingus: She was lying in the grass and I was between her legs, then it was at her house, in general my tongue worked almost every day... As for her, she could jerk me off at most, she did it incompetently and evidently reluctantly, but she liked cunnilingus very much!

And then one day during our regular meeting, it was in a small plantation covered with trees and bushes, where there were never any people, we were lying, talking, kissing, she asked me to cunny, I naturally agreed and during foreplay I managed to undress her and leave her in only panties. I wanted to have sex so badly, my panties were tearing apart, I pressed myself against her, kissing her, caressing her body, but keeping the thought in my head that I was not going to have sex... I turned her over and kissed her ass, she was moaning... I was at my limit!!! I wanted to go inside her, to feel her hymen tearing... I took off my panties, feeling my dick she took it in her hands and began jerking me, I was no longer looking around, I didn't care if anyone saw us... I tried to press myself against her, trying to come in and then she said again, "You haven't forgotten about our agreement?" I replied, "No, but I can't do it any other way either." She was silent for a second, kissing me trying to get away from the subject of sex "But where to go I thought?"

... And then I had what I thought was a genius idea. I said I wanted her ass, she said - "Take it" - "or rather in it" - added I ... I confess I got a little chickenshit, she said, "Can we not?"... I said again, "Come on." Turning around on all fours, she said, "Well, try it." And I immediately went to work, remembering the porn, I thought it would be easy, starting to insert, my dick naturally didn't go in, but I tried, believe me, to stick my 17 cm into her. She didn't make a sound, no sound at all. And then I managed to stick the head in as I heard a moan, her pussy was leaking and apparently she was in sharp pain from it, but I felt a buzz!!!! She moaned, moving slightly, I in turn inserted deeper and sharper, she started moaning louder apparently from the pain, but I didn't stop, making it faster and faster lifting her higher to me hugging her breasts, feeling her pussy flowing... How she was enduring the pain for me. All of this went on for about 10 minutes, I felt great pleasure as my cock was in her tight and small ass.

... When I got my cock out, I cum on the ground, ashamed of her body, she immediately lay down on her stomach and said nothing, I (feeling a little guilty) began to caress her body, not long I lay down next to her, of course we discussed it, she said it was not very nice, but there was a certain pleasure. I have to admit that it was a comfort... After that we had anal sex a few more times, but our relationship for other reasons ended and we broke up, now we communicate periodically and we remember each other.

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